Trash The Dress Shoot - Recap and scary moment!

I posted this on the nest, but for my knotties who haven't moved over there yet: A quick recap of my TTD session with Jenni (Forever-Yesterday) on Sunday (yesterday):

So, the session was really great!!! I had a ball, and I'm really excited about the poses and locations that we did :-) Although, one pose, in hindsight I probably should have passed on...we were walking past this big boulder, and I had the bright idea to pose standing on the 4 inch stilletos! LOL...Yeah, so, DH was really close by in case I lost my balance, but it was all in the name of art, right?

And my scary moment came when I almost passed out from a combination of: the 100+ degree temps,sweating buckets and forgetting to drink water while walking and hiking the locations, not eating breakfast (not unusual for me!) and oh yeah...that corset? Probably not a good idea

So on our 5th location, one minute I'm posing, and the next minute I'm seeing white spots, feeling lightheaded and getting thing I know DH and Jenni are getting me out of that corset and undoing the back of my dress so I could breathe, and then from that point on I definitely remembered not to let myself get dehydrated :-)

After about 15 minutes I was good to go, and we finished - a terrific time all in all! I would definitely recommend a TTD to anyone thinking about it. My lovely gown came through just fine - no rips, tears, strings or other permanent damage. Just a smudge here or there that a good cleaner can get out in a jiffy. Oh - and we did do water shots, although I held up the silk/satin part of the dress to avoid water staining it...But what a blast!!!
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Re: Trash The Dress Shoot - Recap and scary moment!

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    Jenni Combs (Forever-Yesterday Photography). She is awesome :-)
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    So funny, I actually stalk her blog because I love her work...and I saw your trash the dress session...BEAUTIFUL

    eat breakfast!
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    Haha! Believe me - I respect the heat a whole lot more now than I did before last Sunday, let me tell ya!
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