hindu/india wedding venues in baltimore maryland area


looking for any suggestions for venues for a traditional hindu/indian wedding in baltimore maryland area.  Preferably not in downtown baltimore. 

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Re: hindu/india wedding venues in baltimore maryland area

  • I don't know of any venues but I know someone who might, I looked into a photographer who happened to do a lot of indian weddings, Zoshia Minto (shes pretty good too).  Check out her work and maybe she has info about the locations, or just email her and ask.  She deals with the industry so she probably knows a lot.
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  • Not sure of what you're going for.  But I know of a super delicious Indian restaurant maybe for a rehearsal dinner?  They have a party room that holds 20-25 people
  • If you are looking for a bed and breakfast for your ceremony, reception, or a place for guests to stay and want to use the Columbia Inn at Peralynna in Columbia, MD let me know! I need to sell a very large gift certificate and will give you a huge discount! Thanks!
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