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I am hoping to set up some appointments to look at dresses at a few places around Baltimore. Can anyone tell me about how much time each appointment normally takes? I understand it'll be variable depending on how many dress you try on, but I'm trying to figure out how many places I can reasonably schedule in one day. Would 3 appointments in one day be too much if I start early?

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    You can make three if you schedule carefully. I'll be honest, I did 4 in one day when I was looking. I had to start at 10 AM to make that happen.

    However, the thing about dress shopping is that they all start to look alike after a while and you will burn out. I found by the end of the day that my appointments were going faster and faster because I was able to eliminate things very quickly as I got them on. I think three places tops is a better plan than my four.

    When I did it, I allowed an hour and a half for each appointment and padded the travel time in between places to give us some extra wiggle room. It worked well, so I reccomend that approach.
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    I've only done 1 a day which were about an hour and a half (I think they allot 1-2 hours/person unless you request longer) but THAT was exhausting.  Granted it was when I first started looking so I was trying on a variety of styles trying to narrow it down but I think it's really just emotionally exhausting in general.  You may have a completely different experience but I'd recommend maybe splitting it up to 2 appointments/day.
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    Thanks for the advice! You're both quite helpful... now to make the appointments.
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