BIG HUGE CHECKS two months away!!! Times Flying!!

Well, I know its been awhile but feel acomplished....invites went out last week and I'm already getting responses back! Feels sooooo great!! I had my 2nd hair trial and LOVED it! Had my dress fitting with Sheryl and you all who rec her are right....she is soooo very sweet and her work is amazing! I felt kind f bad because to my dress fitting I brought my MOH, my mom, my aunt and my one except my MOH has seen my real dress on me, so it was kinda like a "first peak" for them. Things feel like they are FINALLLY coming together!!

Re: BIG HUGE CHECKS two months away!!! Times Flying!!

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    Congrats! I'm another 9/25 bride and I can't believe how quickly time is flying! I'm sending out invites tomorrow, yay!!! Feels good to get some things checked off. For some reason all the little things are stressing me out more than the big things...
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    I had my first fitting with Sheryl last night.  She's awesome!  I thought she was just so sweet and you can tell by the way she explains things that she really knows what she's doing.  My dress only needed taking in at the bust and a bustle put in, but I know she'll do a great job.

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