Ocean City Florists

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with any florists downey ocean, hon... lol

I am just going to rely on google searches and wedding wire reviews if not, so I'll take whatever I can get.


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Re: Ocean City Florists

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    There for many years used to be a little shop called Flowers By Allison around 80th Street, and it was pretty well known.  I just googled it and now it's moved to West Ocean CIty, but still the same owners. 

    Also, I'd look at places in Rehobeth and Salisbury, too, I am sure they're willing to "travel" the 20 mins to OC. 

    Where is your wedding going to be?  You could always ask the coordinator or someone at your venue, I am sure they have people they work with regularly!
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    Well we haven't booked a place yet, but that's a good idea. We are going down this weekend to meet with places (finally!) and put a deposit down so I can finally breathe easy.

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