Question about Baltmore Museum of Industry

I'm hoping someone holding their reception and/or ceremony at the BMI could help me out. I emailed Jessica Williams for more information and recieved an out-pf-office reply saying she won't be back until the middle of this week.

I currently live in Michgan and will be visiting my family in Baltimore over the 4th of July weekend coming up and would like to know if visiting the BMI while there is even worth my time (i.e. in my budget).

So does anyone have pricing information they would be able to share? I'm intersted in the ceremony in the pavillion and having our reception in the Decker Gallery.

Thank you!

Re: Question about Baltmore Museum of Industry

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    Hi! I'm getting married there but I don't have the information in front of me. I think it's about $3,000-5,000 depending on options (are you going to have the entire museum open?) and dates (Fridays and Sundays are less expensive). Sorry I can't be more helpful!
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    I looked into BMI- if you are getting married on a Saturday and want to have the entire place to yourself (aka museum, outdoor patio) it was a $6,000 rental fee I believe.
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    Im getting married there in October....For the decker gallery its 3600, which also includes the outdoor patio, not the pavilion.  Your event must start at 6pm or later and the rental ends at 12 midnight.  If you go there and tell them that you are looking at the space for an event they will let you tour the museum for free and give you a packet with infomation...Its an awsome space and you should check it out.
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    I am also having my reception there next summer. If you go there, just tell the girls at the desk you are there because you are thinking about having your respetion there-that way you won't have to pay admission. Jessica doesn't work weekends but the girls at the desk are awesome! If you can check it out, I think you will be impressed :)

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    I'm getting married there in October and we just rented the Decker Gallery. $3600 for a weekend wedding. It is absolutly amazing in there and I can't wait for our wedding day! Totally worth checking out!!!!!! :)
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