I need an affordable officiant! Please help!

So, for the last few weeks I've been on the hunt for an officiant to perform our non-denominational ceremony on sep 5, 2010 and I cannot find one with a reasonable fee. I have gotten prices from 2 different ministers and one wanted $350 and the other wanted $500 which is absolutely ridiculous to me. I'm trying to stay at $100 or $150. Does anyone have any recomendations?

Re: I need an affordable officiant! Please help!

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    Have you thoght about having a family member or friend get ordained?  Its fairly simple process I believe.  And that would put a personal non-denominational touch to it.  We had a friend who happens to be a Preacher perform ours so I didn't really price anyone else.  Were those JOP's that you looked into? 
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    We've asked one family member that we were comfortable with if he would like to be ordained and perform the ceremony and he said he was not comfortable doing it. Both officiants i priced were ministers. I can't seem to find a JOP or anything like that. But, maybe i'm just not looking hard enough... ugh
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    Call your county clerk's office.  Or, check their website.  They should have a list of JOPs in your county.  Also, any judge can do weddings as well. 
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