"Real" looking silk flower petals

I have to use silk flower petals at the church, and I just hate the look of most I've seen- they just look so fake and cheap.  Has anyone found silk flowers that have a somewhat lifelike look and texture?

Re: "Real" looking silk flower petals

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    Google "true touch" or "real touch".  Also, ask on the Budget brides board.  There are a lot of girls over there who have used nice silks.

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    I got mine from Hobby Lobby. They were white, but they had a 'rubber' texture to them and looked VERY nice. I did all of my flowers for about $100. The photographer couldn't believe they were fake and lol one of my bridesmaids STILL has hers in a vase at her house and they look good... and it's been 2 years.  I hope this helps some!
    Here is a picture of them:

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