Where to get a dress made?

Does anyone know of a place that can make a good quality wedding gown to my specifications in the Lexington or Louisville areas?

Re: Where to get a dress made?

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    Nope.  There have been a couple of seamstresses recommended to alter gowns, but I've not heard anyone on here getting one made locally.  However, several girls on the Hawaii local board have gotten gowns made in China for a fraction of the cost of a designer gown.  You might post there and ask them.
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    There's a lady in Nashville that's shop is in the Greensboro Village and she makes some of the most beautiful wedding dresses I have ever seen, she pricey though, as everything she makes is french lace, silk, etc.  But if you're willing to pay the money it is SO worth it.  I can't afford her but I tried on her samples and I fell in love.  The lady is so sweet. I can't remember the name of the place though.
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