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New Years Eve "Winter Romance" Wedding!!!

Hello My fellow December brides,

Well I'm a newbie but super excited to be among you guys... Well a little about us. I'm Chrystol 25, getting married to my mr. Right and spectacular Jason 26... I/we have decided that our extravaganza will be on No other than December 31, 2013...ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! We are in the process of searching for a venue because we have decided to have a weekend/ SundayWednesday event.....We live in NYC, but I have narrowed down our venue areas to the poconos and jersey.

Just wanted to say hi and feel free to suggest venues and etc. To us.

We appreciate it all

Re: New Years Eve "Winter Romance" Wedding!!!

  • Welcome!! Love your New Years Idea!!

    Nice to see another east coast bride :) Im in the Philadelphia area!

  • Thank you, congrats to you and your beau as well....
  • Awwww I just got engaged as well and we are hoping for an NYE2013 wedding too!  I'm in the Philadelphia area and, since I'm literally about 5 days engaged - I have no idea what to do!

    I've been traveling for work so I just started emailing vendors - can't wait to get back home to actually go and see them!
  • Hello December Brides.  I am newly engaged, 5 days to be exact.  I would love a New Years Eve Wedding but I am fining it so expensive.  I don't want to get overwelmed so early in the process.  I am torn between a Hotel wedding or a function hall wedding.  If I go a function hall wedding then my guest have to travel to a hotel to sleep.. It may be cheaper but on a holiday like New Years Eve does it make sense to make my guests drive.  

    Any thoughts!!!
  • CONGRATS ladies! I also became engaged in September and we knew the date of 12/31/13 right from the start! Always wanted a party and what better night to have one?!?! I live near Chicago and was looking both in the city and surrounding suburbs. I found that NYE is extremely difficult to find within any reasonable budget at most places. They seem to want a minimum 200+ guests which of course can add up. Don't stop searching though! We eventually found a place that was perfect just ouside of Chicago in Indiana which would allow us to have only 70 guests on the NYE date at a very reasonable price. Hotels are a good option but for NYE it will be much more expensive! We are at a castle with hotels right down the street and we'll have shuttles to them for guests.
    Good luck in your search and I hope we'll all be celebrating that special day on the same night!
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