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Has anybody been to Tina's Country House in Macomb Twp.?

Has anyone used, or been to, Tina's Country House in Macomb Twp.?  They're on 23 Mile and North Ave.  Right now, they've got a great package that includes limo, ceremony site, minister, music, buffet, bar, 3 hr. photography, centerpieces, cake, and 5 hr. DJ for $50/p.  Just went and looked at it--looks very nice, but I've never even heard of them!  Didn't see them on the grades post.

P.S.No, I don't work there, or have any other connection.

Re: Has anybody been to Tina's Country House in Macomb Twp.?

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    LOL Love the disclaimer at the bottome! That is a great deal! We looked there for our reception too and that wasn't going on!  A very good friend of mine got married there and had only great things to say about it! She also said if you do buffet they let you take the extra food!  (Good for brunch next day!)  I thought it was beautiful.  I did here to be careful what time you get married outside there though cause the sign could be shining right in your faces!
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    I've been there for a wedding. It was nice with the ceremony outside, the reception room we were in was nice too. The food was OK. I guess, it's a standard reception venue, I would say. That's a great deal.
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    I went to a reception there for a HUGE wedding (like 450+). It is a nice place, the food was pretty salty (so maybe make sure you have a tasting?), and I personally wouldn't want the words "Country Kitchen" on my invitation...but for $50pp, I might be able to overlook it!
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    I looked into them when search for a venue but I really wan't impressed by it.  There was a party going on in one of the room and it was very loud, I felt like I was in there with them I don't know how they keep it down when there are two parties going on.  If your using both rooms that wounldn't  matter, we weren't;t so I thought about it.   I didn't try the food so I can't help there.  But that's a good price for everything but I would check what vendors they use for the extras.
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    My sister had her wedding there about 8 years ago.  It was nice.  She had the bigger room.  Food was ok.  I will agree that you can hear the other room, if your room is having a quiet moment or something.  But once her Dj started, you couldn't hear it anymore.

    My only real complaint is that both rooms share the same bathroom, so there is always people in the ladies room.  So when I went to help my sister with her dress to use the bathroom, it felt like we had a full audience.
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    The owner told me they only have one event at a time.  Perhaps this is a result of the above complaints.
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