Gown Preservation

Anyone know of a good, not too expensive place?  It's been over a year and my dress is still hanging in the spare bedroom.  Thanks ladies!

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    My advice is to NOT do it! I worked at a resale bridal store for 4 years and so many women who had the gown preservation done would come in, open the box expecting their dresses to be perfectly preserved and it looked like coffee had been spilled all over them. The chemicals they use to clean the gowns reacts with the plastic bag they wrap it in and it turns the satin brown. We used to recommend that you have the dress dry cleaned and then wrap the dress in a breathable fabric- like cotton sheets- and then place in a large box. Keep it out of the attic and basement and your dress will last much longer. HTH!
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    ahh.. Thanks for the advice!  I have definitely heard those horror stories... that's one reason my dress has just sat around the last year or so. 
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    Beener so when you take it to a dry cleaners what do you ask them to do to it? Good question Mrs Z I was wondering what to do with mine.
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