Are Online-Ordained Ministers Legal in MI?

The person that we originally wanted to perform our ceremony may not be able to- I am looking for a back up plan that won't cost 250+ like most of the officiants I am looking at online! Then I wondered if we could have a close friend/relative ordained online and perform the wedding- but I can't find any clear-cut information about the laws in Michigan! Every website I look at seems to have conflicting information. Anyone have any personal experience?? thxxx! <3

Re: Are Online-Ordained Ministers Legal in MI?

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    as far as I know, yes! DH's bro is getting married this sat by a friend who was ordained online, and he's already performed 3 other weddings (which i assume are legit!). other than that, i'm not sure about any extra paperwork, etc. required. i can find out and page you back here if you want, though. :)
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    Thanks!! That would be so awesome! I will continue my own research as well. :D
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