DUH! moments pre-wedding

So I am 39 days out until I get married and I think the stress has made me crazy!! I am forgetting the most ridiculous stuff and I am usually a super meticulous person. Case in point: created gorgeous rehearsal dinner invitations on cardstore.com and mailed them out. My bridesmaid calls me and says, "hon, you forgot to put the DATE and TIME on the invite!" UGH! I was so concerned with getting the addresses of the church and restaurant correct that I forgot the most important parts. So, what DUH! moments did you do under the last-minute-stress?
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Re: DUH! moments pre-wedding

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    I have done the dumbest things in the last few days---45 days out and stressing like crazy following up on job possibilities---I threw in a load of laundry and my phone into the washer thankfully, I was able to get a new phone today, since I was eligible :)
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    At about 50 days out I started forgetting the most random things!!! I would just cry because I would forget where I put something! I literally thought I was losing my mind!I'm much better now though... I think I was way more stressed then than I am now (17 days out)!
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    I lost my keys this past Friday to Monday. I found them in my room, in the bag that has my wedding shoes & bra in it that I'd taken to my fitting on Thursday. I'm pretty much a mess.
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    Honestly, some days, I have no clue what day it is... yesterday I made an appointment with the DJ for Friday, knowing that Patrick would be out of town for his bparty.
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