Tell me more about Just Baked! Are you getting the jumbo cupcakes or the regular butter cream ones? $2.25 is not a bad price for the jumbo ones but I think I'd like the regular size personally. What flavors are you going with? I'm absolutely drooling over the descriptions! Grasshopper cupcakes?!? Sounds so yummy! TIA

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    ::butting in:: Just Baked has delicious cupcakes! I got them for my brother's grad party.
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    We're doing the jumbo ones!!! Since I wasnt able to taste test we're going on Saturday to finalize the flavors!! We're for sure doing the bumpy cake one & the white choc raspberry & the strawberry cheesecake! I dont care if they're all pretty & matchy matchy so that's why I'm not doing the regular ones - I'm a cupcake whore & it's becoming sort of a problem! lol
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