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We are having an adult reception and I am trying to do the wording for our response cards now. I think maybe I should put on the response card "2 seats have been reserved in your honor" before the name line. 1) do you think this is tacky and 2) we are inviting everyone with a guest but I know some of the singles will come solo--do you think people will be confused or feel like they have to bring someone since it says "2 seats". I already see some problems coming with some relatives trying to bring their kids so I want to make it as clear as possible that they need to leave them at home and that only the 2 of them are invited. Any suggestions would be great! :-)
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Re: Response card help!!

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    Adrienne I did this, exact wording. Below that there were two lines in which a guest could write in their names and check a box for "Accepts" or "Declines" Some brides had their guest's names printed on the lines, I hand-wrote. If there were single guests who could bring a date whose name I did not yet know, I wrote in the single person's name and left the 2nd line for guest blank. For couples in which I knew both names, I hand-wrote both of their names on the lines ~ kind of a hint that if your hubby or SO or wife cannot go, bringing someone else in their place is not really encouraged, lol. This did not work for everyone though....some still brought "replacements" without even telling or asking us if that's OK which I feel is kinda rude in most cases. My invitation person also printed up about 10 cards that said "One seat...." for the single persons who were not being invited with a guest.
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    We did that as well: 2/1/5/3 seats have been reserved in your honor (fill in the blank depending on who it was). Then there was a space for them to fill in # attending and names. We didn't have anyone RSVP for their kids this way (hooray!) - but we did have people forget to sign their names to the RSVP cards. I took to posting pictures of them on facebook like a Missing Persons ad. It worked - and people started sending them in correctly after that :)
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