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back story: my dog (chessie/lab mix) is 14 years old. Yes, that's way old for a doggie of this size and breed. her only real problems are arthritis in the hips/shoulders and a nerve degeneration thing in her back which sometimes makes her body think it's time for pooping. so she's healthy with some old lady issues. here's my freak out: when she sleeps she breathes really slowly- sometimes i'll look at her and she doesnt breathe for two or three seconds and i flip! so i make a big noise and wake her up.... i'm an awful owner. lol anyone else have weird stupid split-second freak outs like this????
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Re: NWR Freak Outs

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    I think it's a legitimate fear. My cat is really young but I still get nervous when he sleeps really hard or something. Or when he throws up I'm convinced he's swallowed something he shouldn't and he's in trouble.Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night CONVINCED there is someone in my room and I jump out of bed and sprint to the bathroom! And if that's not a random split-second freak out I dunno what is!I think you're much less crazy then me at least ;-)
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    every once in awhile when im not at home. I think of something awful that could have happened to Winston... and I start freaking out until I come home to see my little poopers shaking his a$$ for me. Everytime I think about losing him I start getting teary eyed. FI thinks i love my dog more than him... hey they are close, but FI is still loved more... hehe.
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