Need Help! STD's Vistaprint

I am trying to create my Save the Dates on Vistaprint. I wanted to know what you used to create the image you want and how you did you know if there would be a white edge around the whole thing. I thought I knew what I was doing but I don't want to order them if they are going to have a white edge! Thanks

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    I haven't ordered any custom uploaded items yet, but I have played around with the image upload on vistaprint before. When I've done it I have used powerpoint to do my design (blow up the size so that when you shrink it down to notecard/magnet size, it doesn't lose clarity). Then when you upload it, you should be able to drag the image all the way to the edge of the item (notecard, magnet, whatever). There will be a 'bleed area' sort of, I think there's a dotted line a little bit inside the actual edge. I think if you drag your image all the way to the edge, it will get rid of that white border...I think. Good luck, hopefully this is at least somewhat helpful lol
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    I'm getting to order my STD's from vistaprint too.  I will be creating my design in InDesign and will just make a pdf.  I think if you just make sure your design is as big as the bleed area (not the trim area) you should be fine and you won't have the white border.  Hope it works out! How many are you ordering?  I'm trying to price everything out for standard postcards from there with shipping and everything... let me know how it turns out!
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