More bakery concerns!!

Unfortunately, I was not able to change bakeries. All the bakeries recommended were booked, and we would have lost our deposit.I re-met with our baker and demanded the  cake I wanted; he agreed to make it. Yeah!however, my cousin also used him for her wedding on 9/26 and her cake was completely wrong!!She was supposed to have a square cake, and it was round.Also, she was supposed to have a cheesecake filling, and it was a liquor tasting filling!This does not leave much confidence for my wedding this upcoming weekend!! AHH!

Re: More bakery concerns!!

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    ughhh, i'm so sorry you've had to deal with this!! on a better note, maybe the fact that you met with him again so close to the wedding will have it fresh in his memory & there will be no mix-ups?! i'm sure you've been pretty forward about what exactly you want ;) i will definitely be hoping for the best for you! :)
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    Urgh - that's very frustrating but hopefully it will go right for you. I'll be thinking good cake thoughts for you!
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    I'm sending knottie vibes that you have a great cake you want. Your wedding will be beautiful anyway and the guests won't know about the cake drama. The baker sounds like a prima donna (primo don?) jackazz though.  We'll be waiting for reviews for sure! Congrats to your cousin for not taking him out.
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