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So, if you pay the first and last month's gym dues at time of signing up, then you cancel a year later and their policy is its 30-day notice, not immediate, should you still be charged another month's dues?It seems wrong to me, but its only $19. At this point, is it worth arguing about?
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Re: NWR - Gym dues

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    GwenwhyfareGwenwhyfare member
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    Are they making you pay for another month? If you paid for the last month's dues, it sounds to me like you shouldn't owe them money if you have given your cancellation notice. I would check the fine print in your contract, it would probably say there.
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    sunkissed212sunkissed212 member
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    If you paid 1st and last months dues at the beginning, and you're giving them 30 days per their policy my thought is that your 'last months' payment at the beginning of your term would cover the 30 days from when you give your notice.  It may be only $19 but it's principle and if they're trying to rip you off, that's not right.
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    Kim, you're right it is the principle. Plus it irritates me that they probably get away with it because most people won't argue over something so small.I will def. look over the initial contract and then call them.
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    FitZone automatically renewed my membership by month and started debiting the $39 from my checking account again today.  I called them and told them I'll keep the membership but want to take the $19.95 package instead, which doesn't include classes but I can pay 25% off the regular class price for drop ins if I want to.  I have to go in and take care of it tomorrow - I get 50% off the enrollment fee but why should I have to pay an enrollment fee if I'm already a member???  That is kinda dumb. 
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