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Who are you using for photo sharing? Why did you choose them? What sites offer the best options?I would think the best bet would be free, because if you expect people to pay to sign up and upload your pictures, you'll prolly get a small pool .  But do these sites allow for you and others to download the photo to your account/computer?  Or can you only make prints thru their services? 

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    I was either going to do shutterfly or snapfish.  I have accounts with them; will just have to create a new one for the guests to get in.  My friend used shutterfly for hers last month.  The business card they put out for everyone said that we could either sign into theirs or put it into our own shutterfly account but I just uploaded my pics to my own account first, and then I duplicated them into hers.  You should be able to save the guests' uploads to your computer individually but it's kind of tedious and time consuming.
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    Shutterfly I started using it because it was the first site I found
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    I used Shutterfly. Only 3 people used it & those 3 people said it was a pita & they're fairly computer savvy.
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