my vendor reviews!

hi girls, i posted my reviews on my blog. link in siggy. if you have any Qs, or i forgot something that you would like to know about, please email me! :)

Re: my vendor reviews!

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    your wedding was beautiful Quick question, who did your unity candle? it is really cute! :-)
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    thank you!! i made it myself! there is a tiny blurb about it on my blog - go to the "unity candle" link on the right side... but if that doesn't make sense (i wrote about it in my crazy wedding-planning phase)...all i did was take thick ribbon and i pinned it actually into the candle in the back - the glue wasn't holding well. THEN i made the bow separately and then glued that onto the ribbon. so it creates the illusion that it is actually all one piece, but it was really 2 different ribbon pieces. does that make sense? :) oh and i bought the stand (surprisingly!) at michael's - it was a silver pedestal.
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