Hey, I just saw the "crazy" progression of posting after my comment on the Wedding Party board called "Crazies." "WOW...." Is all I have to say!! ha ha. How do they not see how ridiculous the things they post about people are?!?! My favorite quote was, "I AM a MOD!!! RAAAAAAWWRRRR!!!" Ha ha. Thanks for agreeing with me though!! I think they have definitely proved the point the other few of us tried to make...and yet, they still don't see it. I personally couldn't stand to live in a world with that much DRAMA!! Eh, and life goes on!! :) Take care and happy planning!! ;)

Re: *sgstraub*

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    edited December 2011
    Haha, yea, it was pretty funny! No problem, I just think it's BS that they get carried away and it becomes total mob mentality... and no one is allowed to say anything. And then she threatens to remove your post and ban you from the board, after what everyone else was saying?!I sure won't be asking for any advice on that board, they would rather practice exchanging catty remarks than provide helpful feedback!Anyways, good luck and happy planning back at you!
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