Help with Cootie Catchers/Fortune Tellers

In case you don't remember what they were, it's the folded paper game you had in elementary school, usually you had to pick a color, then a number, and it your friend flipped it over and it said that you were in love with the most smelly kid in the class =)I'm sure you've seen the wedding themed fortune tellers.  I want to have a couple different ones at each table-here's what i got so far:Where did they meet?Where did he propose?  What year did they meet?Who is the Maide of Honor?Who is the Best Man?Where will they be honeymooning?and a Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Promise to repeat one:Dare you to ask a stranger to danceDouble dare you to sing a song to the bride and groom about loveRepeat: I promise to have an awesome time tonightTruth: do you sing in the shower?What else can i use?   I need dares, questions about us, truths, and repeats!It should be a good ice breaker, and give everyone something to look at while at the table.

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