Your expert Advice... favor idea!

Ok! here is what I am trying to decide between. I am not getting married in the area, i am getting married on the westside of the state near lake michigan... Keep that in mind.I know that the Candy "bar" has been done a lot down here but no one even knew what it was by my parents house... soo that is not a issueFAVOR IDEA??!!!Would you rather have a Candy Bar (buffet) or a Cookie Buffet? I would most likely do 15 different candies in my colors. OR 15 different types of cookies... possibly with little Milk shots ?I have never seen the cookie thing done before and I have an excellent bakery that would do it for cheap. What do you like better Candy or Cookies?Thanks ladies www.torrentokaywedding.com

Re: Your expert Advice... favor idea!

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