RD's LWD..

Are you wearing/Did you wear a little white dress to the rehearsal dinner?

I went shopping for a multitude of dresses a few months ago with my cousin (who's also getting married so we were looking at shower dresses, b-party dresses, RD dresses, etc.) but I was planning on browsing that day because I couldn't afford anything at the time and I saw a super cute one that I can now afford but (no surprise) wasn't at the store when I went back earlier this week. Instead, I saw a similar dress in black and thought I could totally re-wear it later on (so I convinced myself that I should spend as much as I did). It has been sitting in my closet the past week and after talking with my mom about it, I want to take it back. I could use the money on other wedding-related stuff and now I really want a white dress for the RD!

Any good places to get a cute LWD for cheeeeeap?

Thanks in advance! (P.S. I'm only awake because I was up watching the UofM / ND game... eeeeek!)
P.P.S. - I'm at 2 months! Oh My Goodness! Is this real?

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