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Centerpiece Rentals

Hey Everyone- I am looking to rent centerpieces for our reception. Still un-decided what I want, possibily square vaces that i can put a flower, water, and floating candle in.
Does anyone have any suggestions for providers in the troy, royal oak, madison heights area?

Re: Centerpiece Rentals

  • I am not sure of a vendor that you could rent those supplies but they are simple supplies you need and I think it would probably be more economical to buy what you need and resell what you can. Candles and plain glass vases can be very cheap and renting them may not be much of a difference in pricing. There is a store in centerline called, Discount crafts and floral off of 10 mile just east of vandyke that sells those supplies in bulk and for very cheap. Also, check amazon to find good deals. Then just resell the vases on the knot!  

  • I second what kmschwartzkopf said. The store in Centerline is called Dealer's Discount Floral. They sell multiple types of glass vases, candles, silk flowers, ribbons, large supply of bridal items as well. I think my votive holders were 50 cents each, many of the vases were under $7 each. I bought entire boxes of votive candles, I think they were $3 for 12 candles in their sale area.  It's on 10 Mile Rd just east of Van Dyke as she said.

    You won't find these for rent anywhere in that price range, and they can be re-sold, or even re-purposed in your own home. I use many of these for decor during the holidays, I've filled some of the square vases with seashells for my living room. I also let my guests take home any centerpieces they wanted because it wasn't worth it to me to save everything. At most I think I spent $50 on re-usable decor, not including the fresh flowers I arranged in them.

    Allow yourself at least 2 hrs to walk up and down their aisles. They don't have Sunday hours, but are open most nights until 7 pm and on Saturday.
  • I found it was definitely cheaper to buy those items than to rent them.  I originally thought about doing square vases with river rocks, an orchid, water, and then the floating candle on top.  I ended up doing all that but with round vases. 

    Beyond the store mentioned above, check out afloral.com (I got the flowers and floating candles there) and dollar stores (I got the river rocks and vases there).
  • I visited discount rentals and will be using the store to do my own centerpieces.
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    Check out Memorable Occasions by Bonnie, she is out of oxford.
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    I have square vases for sale if you did decide you wanted to buy! I have 15 and they are $5 each: www.detroitwedding.weebly.com
    Items for sale & Detroit vendor Reviews:
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  • Thanks everyone! Very helpful!
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    I considered doing my own centerpieces, but after meeting with Kathleen from Charming Darling Events (http://www.charmingdarlingevents.com/index.html) I changed my mind. She has reasonable prices and doesn't charge a travel or set-up fee. She's currently located out of Pontiac, MI, but is moving her showroom to Auburn Hills.

    I'm going with the Charisma candle holders. It comes with like 5 crackled glass candle holders, votives, and a crystal table number. It costs less for me to rent the centerpieces, than to buy them. But I'm not sure if she has square vases. And I think she charges a little bit more for centerpieces that require water, because of the extra work to fill and empty the vases.

    Kathleen is so friendly, and I know she will take care of everything. She also decorates the cake table and head table with votives and little diamond-like stones. Basically, I decided that going with Kathleen would give me peace of mind on my wedding day. And if I have one less thing to worry about on my wedding day, then I am happy. Another big perk for me is that I don't have to worry about being stuck with storing and trying to get rid of those centerpieces afterwards. Good luck! :)
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