VENT - Long (sorry) - Angry on FI's Behalf

This is a complete vent.  I know that nothing can be done about this situation; I'm just hoping that the experience of saying this out loud will be somewhat cathartic, since for reasons that will become obvious, I can't vent about it to FI.  So...

FI is an army veteran.  He served 2005-2007, right out of high school, and in that time he spent a little over a year in Iraq.  When he got home, he was suffering what seems fairly obviously to any outside observer to be a mild case of PTSD that kept him from sleeping. 

The army doctors diagnosed him with "a pre-existing personality disorder," which basically means "we know that your vehicle got blown up by IEDs three times in the last year, and that you're having nightmares about being blown up by IEDs that keep you from falling asleep and, consequently, from doing your duty.  But we've decided that this is not actually due to trauma that you experienced by being, ya know, BLOWN UP while serving your country, but is due to a nervous condition that you must have had when you joined the army that no one had ever noticed before and we have no reason to suspect except for the fact that you're acting kind of silly now."

Recently, the plight of PTSD victims has been brought into the national media, and it has come out that this was a fairly common practice..  If the military doctor could avoid saying "PTSD," the military wouldn't have to claim responsibility for what what happening to the soldier and wouldn't have to pay for their recovery process.  Thankfully, things have really improved for people in this situation now.  But FI got shafted.

FI was given an honorable discharge for medical reasons.  He was given the choice of whether to go or not, but was told that he'd recover a lot faster if he got out.  He asked repeatedly if he'd be allowed to serve again once he recovered (all he's ever wanted to to is serve his country in the military) and was assured that yes, as soon as he had a clean bill of health, they'd take him back.

FI took the discharge, came home, recovered quickly, went to college, met me, graduated with his BA last spring, proposed to me this past winter, and planned to sign back up with the Army next winter, some four months or so after we get married.

He's talked to recruiters repeatedly since then, because he's extremely responsible, and was suddenly informed last summer that he won't actually be able to go in as an officer like he wants to.  Because of his medical discharge, they're perfectly willing to take him back as an infantry grunt, but they don't consider him officer material.  Something they conveniently left out when he asked if he'd be able to come back.  Also, in order to even go in as enlisted, the recruiter will have to write him a medical waiver before the enlistment process begins.  But that's basically a formality - as long as a doctor clears you (and his has), the recruiter will sign the waiver.

FI went in to the recruiters last Friday to start the process (which can take a really long time), and was told that Three Days Earlier orders had been sent to all recruiters to stop signing medical waivers.  The army will no longer be accepting recruits who require medical waivers.

Basically, as things stand now, FI will never be able to serve in the military again.  It's the thing he wants to do most in his life.  He feels that he has a call to service.  Besides the fact that this completely messes up all of our plans for the future at a very basic level, I'm just enraged for his sake.

He was an exemplary soldier.  He is 25, in ridiculously amazing physical condition.  He is an expert marksman, has combat experience, and is ALREADY TRAINED.  They're willing to take an 18-year-old who's never held a job or a weapon in his life, but they're not willing to take back my pre-trained FI, who knows the rules, knows the weapons, was a team leader, and has spent the last 4 years honing his skills so that he could be an asset when he went back.  Where is the sense in that? 

And the kicker?  If they'd diagnosed his PTSD, they would have kept him in, treated him, and he'd be happily continuing his military career right now.  But instead, they deliberately misdiagnosed him, got him to leave, and now have crushed his career dreams.  I'm so angry.  Like...kicking things angry.  Sigh.

Thanks for listening, guys.
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Re: VENT - Long (sorry) - Angry on FI's Behalf

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    Wow I am so sorry to hear that and truly wish I could offer some words of encouragement, but nothing is really good enough for that. 
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    wow.. that sucks big time... it seems like you should be able to talk to someone above a rucruiting officer to figure things out.
    I'd really try to exhaust all my sources before giving up.

    although- you can take it as a message from God. Your FI got out the first time with his life........
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    I'm sorry to hear this. This type of treatment is a dishonor to the soldier who put his life on the line for our freedom. It makes my blood boil.

    My dad was in the Army (101st Airborne) in Vietnam. He spent 2 years there, got two Purple Hearts and a ton of other honors. He came back to terrible and appalling treatment by the VA and general public.

    It's taken him over 40 years to get proper treatment for his PTSD. It got so bad it was destroying his life and our family. It's gotten better since he got proper treatment, but I don't think you can ever recover from the horrors of war. The VA can be good, and it can be really really bad. He had the best luck with the VA in Ann Arbor, opposed to the one in Detroit.

    I'm really really sorry to hear this. We have learned, though, that persistance (even for 40 years) pays off, as my Dad finally got the help he needed. 

    Please PM me if you need any help or want to vent. Also, I'm not sure if you're active on the Military Brides board, but maybe then can offer help.

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    Wow!  I wish I had some advice to offer, but I just wanted to say that I sincerely hope that he can find something to be done about this.  That is absolutely horrible that things turned out this way all because of a (seemingly) purposeful misdiagnosis.
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    Wow it's horrible that the millitary does this.  My brother-in-law is leaving for training on May 1st, and now I'm scared for him.  
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