I never even brought up the possibility of a photobooth because I didn't think FI would go for it. He is a hard-liner about our budget and what we really need v. want.
So we went to our tasting, and while we were waiting for our food one of the ladies was chatting with FI about the weddings going on that weekend. When she told him about the photobooth, he thought it was awesome! Now he reeeeally wants one and I am absolutely shocked by how uncharacteristic his behavior is about this! LOL

What has your FI been really adamant/pumped about having at your ceremony or reception? Bonus points for weird stories.


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    Are you kidding me? I had that same thing happen at our tasting. I think I brought up the photobooth option a looong time ago. Suddenly he sees it at our tasting and thinks "that's pretty cool" and willing to book it. WTF??

    On the flip side, I'd rather have a videographer and he's really not willing to budge on that. Maybe if I just book them w/o him knowing...
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    FI doesnt want anything super special cept these ridiculously expensive cowboy boots, (confession: I found a knock off pair for $62 and he has no idea they arent the $387 pair he wanted)
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    Ugh. Chris wants a candy buffet. A ridiculous one. He's perusing the internet and says "I want this and this and that and this and that"

    So I keep track of all of his groomzilla wants, try to find the best prices etc, and bring him the cost. About $1000 for flipping CANDY?!!??

    And he says "ok, I'll buy it"

    Um, no you won't! 1k for candy. Srsly?? We are on a REALLY small budget, there's no effing way 1/10th of it is going to candy. I think we're gonna have a brawl on this subject.
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    My FI is driving me crazy!   We are supposed to fill out a packet with the bridal party's names, the songs we want used, ect...

    He wants to use the Hulk Hogan Theme song as our introduction.....There is no way I am letting that happen!    We've been batteling about this for awhile now lol!!   :)
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    The tux. He kept wanting to get a vest & tie in burgandy & I kept insisting that it had to be red. He was getting really stubborn...like a 3 yr old....until I finally broke down & told him that I had red on my dress & that was why he couldn't do burgandy. We'd look like the colorblind dressed us. I was so PISSED that I to tell him my "surprise" detail! 

    He was in the doghouse for the rest of the evening for that one. At least he cooked dinner & rubbed my feet. Good FI.

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