Couples Shower Favors?

Our shower is July 31st at my parents house. Its going to be a Jack and Jill shower with an open house type layout- so pretty casual. We're having dinner and drinks and we're opening gifts but not doing any games or anything. I still want to have some kind of favors for everyone though. I was thinking maybe like choc-covered pretzels and popcorn which I sometimes make but realized bad idea on a hot summer day. So now I really dont know? Any cute, fun ideas?

Re: Couples Shower Favors?

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    What about those little "airplane" single serving liquor bottles? The liquor store near me has them out in a basket, and sells them cheaper than the marked price if you buy in bulk. Maybe with a shot glass?

    Small box of 2 or 3 truffles? Chocolate for the gals, booze for the guys?

    That's about all I have.
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