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I've realized I will need to find a new hobby after the wedding.

FI is Italian (very Italian) and we are planning on taking a trip next year to his family's hometown in Italy. I've always wanted to learn Italian and am considering investing in the Rosetta Stone course. I took Spanish, Japanese, and a little Latin in high school, but that was 10 years ago. FFIL and lots of FILs speak Italian, so, I'll have people to talk to.

Has anyone successfully used RS or learned a language beyond high school?

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    I had a girl that was puerto rican or something or other that I worked with, she was a mail order bride (no joke) and ordered Rosetta Stone for her husband here so he could learn her language when they went back to visit. He was successful at it.

    My FI is Italian also and I have wanted to learn the language as well. I would love to go to Italy!!

    I'd say go for it. Don't they have some sort of return policy or satisfaction guarantee?

    I took Spanish in high school (over 10 years ago) but I've picked up a little albanian here and there and I still speak a little spanish when I go into our favorite mexican restaurant El Patio.
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    Rosetta Stone is ok.  I'm not sure about their Italian discs but some of their japanese ones teach you incorrectly the sentence grammar.  They do this for other languages too I've heard.
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    I know people who really like it.  I say go for it
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