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Hi...new here :)  (well kinda...I was here all the time about 6 years ago for my first wedding..and now Im back for my last wedding...lol) 

I found a dress I love but its just too much for a dress.  Now every dress I see, I compare to that one. 

I would like to get info on custom making a dress.  Has anyone done this or have information that may help me???  :)  Any information would be appreciated!

I know that....crap I dont remember her knottie name...just her real name...April, has emailed me some info on her custom dress....so now I am just researching the best option :)

Thanks again!!

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    Congrats!! Share more details of your wedding plans when you have time.  :-)

    I believe it is knottie aprillm730 with the custom dress.  I bought mine but just having it altered so I'm not going into so much length as having a whole custom dress made, but it is an awesome idea!!
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    The only person I know of who did this was April. Sorry I can't be more help.

    But Welcome & Congrats!
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    Welcome and congrats!  Ditto about April getting a custom made dress.  Good luck!!
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    Look into calling that fabric store in Royal Oak.. Haberman's? They have a custom bridal section in the store. It's REALLY beautiful in there! I'm sure they can help you.


    905 South Main Street
    Royal Oak, MI 48067
    (248) 541-0010

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    I second Brandi- I got the ribbon for my invites at Haberman Fabrics, and they had a sweet custom bridal section. I wandered around there a half hour looking at all the different fabrics and embellishments they had.
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    I'm making my dress, but SO am not making any others. Do you know anyone that sews? They'd have to be able to do a really good job, but sewing is really not hard.

    Haberman's does have an absolutely fabulous bridal section, but they are really on the expensive side. I'd never recommend getting all your fabric and trims there. Depending on what you want, you can get silk or satin or a bridal fabric at Joann's, and just get the lace or other specialty type at Haberman's.

    If you sort of know what you want, check the pattern websites for Vogue, Butterick & McCalls (all owned by the same company, they have links for each one), and Simplicity. They have bridal links, but frankly, I've found they are limited and you may have to get a formal gown pattern instead of bridal. Vogue also has "vintage Vogue" if you wanted something vintagey or classic

    I can help you figure all this out if you want, but I won't do the sewing! I have enough on my plate.

    Good luck.
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    Hi! Yep, I am getting a custom dress and I did get my fabric at Habermans.... Brandi has a great idea to call them and get some references, I'm betting they have some great ones! Then, from there touch base with them and see who fits you best!
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