Thanks for your help with the wedding map.
I made a mape in powerpoint like you said.  But I can't save it as a jpeg. Can you tell me how? I converted it to a pdf but i would perfer it as a jpeg.
You can message me at susan_mannino@comcast.net.  PMs on theknot don't work for me!

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    Once it is saved as a PDF you should be able to "save as" a jpeg by selecting jpeg in the file type drop down in the save as screen; however, this usually creates a jpeg of the whole page, opposed to just the graphic. Maybe a knottie on here is better at this than I am. I think Liz is pretty good at this stuff.
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    Susan - if you haven't figured it out yet, e-mail me the PowerPoint version and I'll see what I can do.


    ETA:  How are you printing them?  Are you going to print them all yourself?  If so, you may not need to save it as a jpeg and just copy and paste the entire thing into Publisher or Word (whatever program you are using) and print say 3 per regular sheet of paper.

    Are you uploading it to some website for them to print?  This can make a difference as to how you need to save it.
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    Thank you for your help girls!!! I emailed it to my cousin and she saved it.  I ended up printing 4 to a page.  Invites are all assembled with belly bands and addresses! I just need to write the names on the inner envelopes and stuff!!!! 

    Thanks a million for your help!
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