Hey ladies, I'm baaaack :)  Happy Memorial Day!

What planning do you have to do this week?


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    matuofmmatuofm member
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    LIZ!!!  Welcome back! 

    I got a ridiculous amount of DIY supplies at the Memorial Day Sales, so I'm going to be crafting all this week.

    Now on to the important stuff - Dish, Liz!  How was the honeymoon?
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    Welcome back, Liz!  I would love a honeymoon recap also!

    WR: buy WP gifts, start working on DJ packet, mail out shower thank you cards, meet with videographer, pick up marriage license, shop for bridal jewelry and accessories, start hunting down those who haven't RSVPed yet, and mail in final payment to bakery

    NWR: family bbq today, grocery shopping, and lots of housework to catch up on (yet again).

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    Welcome Back!!!!!! Love the new picture!

    WR: Getting  a contract  from Home Bakery.  Getting a contract from our florist.  Trying to figure out how we plan to budget our honeymoon.  Maybe look into limo companies some more.  Make sure FI passes along tux info to the guys.  Make sure FI calls the pastor.  Try to pick a date to do e-pics and start figuring out an e-pic outfit. 

    NWR:  Work, trying to get back in the routine of working out.  Cleaning like a mad woman on Thursday.  My social life is pathetic. 
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    Yay!! You're back!!! I want to hear all about everything!!!! Today - garden, grill, drink :) Tomorrow - back to work and normal life :( is it sad that I'm already looking forward to the weekend because I have a hair appt and I really need a hair cut?
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    emarston1emarston1 member
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    I'll post a honeymoon recap when I'm feeling a bit better.  Let's just say I wasn't feeling very well on our last day and I'm very thankful to be home. But other than that, we had a great time!

    But I've got vendor reviews, married bio, sort out all my for sale stuff and make a for sale site, and maybe work on thank yous :)  Oh and go back to work which I am not looking forward to after being off for the better part of a month.
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    jhawthorne85jhawthorne85 member
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    LIZ-I can't wait to hear about EVERYTHING! Super excited.

    As for me, I figured out exactly how hard my Vet bills from my sick cat are affecting my wedding..
    it's not looking good....

    Anyone hiring?
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    Welcome back Liz!!

    Sorry you weren't feeling well your last day.  I was sick with sun poisoning about the last week of our honeymoon too and was glad to get back home. I hope you are feeling better and it's never easy to go back to work after an extended time off.

    I'm bonding with my new puppy, Duchess, though we have to take her back tomorrow and hoping Chloe will come around to her in the meantime. Pick up around the apartment, start on thank yous, start reviews, open our must have registry items we bought last night and finish listing for sale items.

    These were pictures were taken pretty much within seconds of each other. She sure likes to cuddle and sleep.

    Chloe isn't too sure on what to think of Duchess
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    Welcome back, Liz!

    WR: We picked ceremony music today, and can begin stalking the mailbox, as invites went out Friday.  I also need to try to stop registry stalking.

    NWR: Short work week (but busy - getting started on a few things tonight), and then off to Florida for the weekend for FI's cousin's wedding.
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    MMRoberts11MMRoberts11 member
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    Welcome back Liz!

    Kayla, Duchess is so adorable. 

    WR: We finished buying a lot of stuff for DIY projects this weekend with Memorial Day sales so now to start DIYing I guess.

    NWR: Mounds of paperwork to fill out, test Thursday and therefore studying for it until then, surgeries to perform.... I get to test some of my skills at a new procedure this week, and maybe a date night.
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    Welcome back Liz!  Hope you feel better soon!

    WR:  We picked out tuxes today.  I got the clipart that we are using for our escort cards, program, etc. downloaded today and will be doing a lot of designing in the next week.  I have to meet with the flower lady to go over the new plan for flowers. 

    NWR:  Short work week...Woot Woot!!
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