Reception venue for 100pepole in Metro Detroit

I would like to have my own cater for my food. I am having a difficult time finding a place that will allow me to bring my food that is still nice, elegant and not expensive for 6hr rental.  I would appreciate any sugguestion

Re: Reception venue for 100pepole in Metro Detroit

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    Welcome to the Detroit board.

    Our wedding was at Greenmead Village in Livonia. It's a city owned park, with historic buildings. The chapel and banquet venue have max capacity of 100. My husband was a Livonia resident at the time, and it was about $1000 to rent both, not sure what the cost is for non-residents.

    You bring in your own caterer and alcohol. We used Holiday Market in Royal Oak for the caterer, and bought our own alcohol at Champane's Wine Cellar in Warren. The venue is supplied with tables, chairs & dance floor, and has a caterer's kitchen with a stove for warming (can't cook from scratch), plus a massive refrigerator and freezer. Our caterer was familiar with it, as is Joe's Gourmet Produce in Livonia.

    The venue is lovely, and if you go to my bio link below you can see the pictures. There is a vendor link in the first page for contact info on Greenmead, as well as a photo link so you can see pictures. They have wonderful gardens that are maintained from spring through fall. My signature picture below was taken in the gardens on our wedding day.

    Welcome, and good luck.

    Also, at the top of this board there is a post-it pin with vendor info, reviews and costs. It's cumbersome to go through, but has a lot of info that people that have entered, so it's worth a look.
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    Depends on what you mean by "not expensive". Also, do you intend to actually cater yourself? Or do you want to bring in your own caterer? If it's the former, you'll have a tough time, as most places require a licensed caterer for insurance and liability purposes. If it's the latter, you need to clarify on "inexpensive".

    I can suggest my venue, Cobblestone farms in A2, which will hold your guest list and is about 1000 dollars give or take for 10 hours. I know Greenmeade Village in Livonia is around the same price and capacity.

    Depending on the time of year, I found a few park pavillions that are pretty large and extremely cheap, but will require a bit of work in terms of getting liqour licenses, etc. More information will get you more answers.

    ETA- Sue beat me to it.
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