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Ideas for indoor engagement picture

My fiance and I are getting out engangement pictures done in 2 weeks!! Woot Woot
However Ohio skipped fall and went straight to winter!
We are going to the Franklin Park Conservatory for some but they have major rules and were not very friendly when I called about pictures. They also want to charge us $50 to change our shirts!!!!!
So we want to take pictures somewhere else that is inside....we are racking our minds and cannot think of anything! We dont wanna do Cosi and I think that CMA is still rennovating.  I mentioned a few hotels that may have some beautiful lobbys downtown but we just are stumped. Any suggestions????



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Re: Ideas for indoor engagement picture

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    We actually did our engagement pictures the first week of November outdoors at Franklin Park and they turned out beautifully!  DH wore a blazer, and I had on a cute cashmere sweater, with a cute fall jacket.  We even were able to take a good handful of photos without our jackets without feeling too cold (adrenaline?)

    Some trees are bare right now, but a lot still haven't met full color. At at Franklin Park, there are so many backdrop options.  Talk to your photographer, I think you can get some really cute photographs :)    (I'm a little biased I guess, because my favorite type of wedding or engagement photos are done in fall and winter)

    If you still want to stay indoors, the statehouse is just beautiful.  I think it's $50 to get a permit, but I've also heard of folks just going in, and also of folks who got the permit, and we're never asked to show it, lol!

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    outdoors: topiary garden (hidden gem in columbus)
    indoors: statehouse, osu's student union or the new thompson library, cma actually has some nice indoor settings that are open right now (the main derby court is not open though)
    do you have a theme you're going for? for example, some smaller movie theaters (studio 35 in clintonville) will let you put your name on the marquis or you could get an appointment to do a shoot with an animal at the zoo etc.
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    The Wexner Center for the Arts at OSU might be a good spot.
  • sherise40sherise40 member
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    Thanks all....
    Belle0000..its a game day (at home) I am not going anywhere near campus lol...
    I think we made a decision.
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    My photographer told me the State House is one of his favorite places to shoot. We are using it as our rain plan for our wedding day. You need to pay $50 for a permit to shoot there and you have to give 2 weeks notice, so if you're interested contact them asap.
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    Hmm...the state house sounds like a great idea.  I'm taking my engagement pictures at the end of December so it's going to be freezing!  Does anyone know who I contact at the state house about getting a permit?
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