Yeaaahhh!!! Good wedding juju

Dad is getting out of the hospital on Tuesday!!!  He is now walking with a cane, so by the wedding there will be no problem walking me down the aisle.  Makes me so very happy. :D

The other yeah! is that we met our minimum spend at the venue, so I can officially tell them to shove it about my cake and stick with Mrs. Maddox as planned.  Good, because I really did not feel like chasing down cake this weekend.

The other good thing to happen is that we found out our wedding coordinator at our church, and she is really sweet.  I'm so tired of dealing with snotty people at the church, and it was really nice to see that a friendly face will be at the wedding.  (Our church doesn't allow outside wedding coordinators, so it was crucial I get someone reasonable to deal with!) 

I am so glad things are finally running smoothly and seem to be on track. Big relief this close to the wedding. :)
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Re: Yeaaahhh!!! Good wedding juju

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