Juice is No Longer Loose!

Hey Knotties!

My mom called me at 10:00 last night and told me Juice came back! She was already in bed, and my parents dog started going crazy and scratching at the door - because Juice was outside the door! FI got home from work at 11:00 and decided we needed to go right then to pick up our child.

A 4 hour round trip drive later - and everyone is safe at home! (and very very tired)

I think those thoughts and prayers were extra extra powerful - so thank you sooooo much ladies!!
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Re: Juice is No Longer Loose!

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    MMRoberts11MMRoberts11 member
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    Yay!  I'm glad your mom found Juice and everyone was able to get home safe.
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    Yahoo! Yay Juice!
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    That is great news! yay :)
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    sheshedukeshesheduke member
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    Congrats that is awesome news
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    Oh thank goodness! After almost losing my boys this morning I know how terrifying it is. Hopefully she will stay indoors safe and sound from now on!!
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    drewmwdrewmw member
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    OMG I'm so happy! I've been thinking about you! We have two feline furbabies (they're sisters) of our own, and I can't imagine if one went missing! I'm so glad your family is back together and safe!

    On a sidenote, do you have your kitties microchipped? If not, it's a really good idea. Even if they're indoor cats, they can get out! I took one of my kitties to the vet last week, and while I was there a lady came in with a cat she had found in the road. It was a beautiful smokey gray color, with really soft clean fur, a little fat, and loved to be held. It was obvious he belonged to someone, but they checked him for a microchip and he didn't have one :(   If he had, they would could have picked up the phone and had his owners come get him, but they ended up taking him to a shelter instead. This goes out to everyone - microchip your kitties!!
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