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    emarston1emarston1 member
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    Today - work on my invitations and stay as far away as I can from any retail store.
    Tomrorow - more work on the invitations
    Sunday - Todd and I are going cake testing and tux shopping.
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    Today: Hopefully working on some homework and then working at 4.
    Tomorrow: About the same thing as today.
    Sunday: Working a double.  Hip hip hooray!  
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    Today: helping at my mom's store for a little bit

    Tonight: catching up on laundry and apartment cleaning

    Tomorrow: getting my hair done and any misc cleaning

    Sunday: relax
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    GwenwhyfareGwenwhyfare member
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    Today: Relaxing and continuing to clean up the aftermath from last night.
    Tomorrow: I might go to Target and Kohls to see if I can get some Christmas Shopping done. There's also a chance I might be watching my niece tomorrow night.
    Sunday: Hopefully nothing.

    In the mix of that, stalking the mailbox..Our professional pictures were supposed to have been mailed on Tuesday.....
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    lovetruly06lovetruly06 member
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    Working, working and more working. And maybe some homework while im at it.
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