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Tipping Question

Ok, so in a last minute decision we are doing engagement pictures on Saturday.  It is not with the same photographer we are using for our wedding.  This guy is charging us $100 and giving us all the photos on a cd with reprint release.  This seems relatively "cheap" to me, so I was wondering if I should include a tip with payment?  He owns his own business btw. 

Re: Tipping Question

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    I think its up to you really.  If you think he deserves a little something extra then I would include it!  I know for my wedding vendors I gave them all a tip even the ones that owned the business.  HTH!
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    I agree, it's up to you - whatever you'd feel good about.  On one hand the photographer picked the price himself so he must be OK with it.  But tips are always appreciated so if after the shoot you think he deserves a little more, I think a tip would be a very nice touch.  (And might speed up your prints a little bit!)

    Good Luck!  Enjoy!
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