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DIY wedding programs...

Good Morning ladies,

Okay, so it is now 26 days and counting.  I am doing my wedding programs myself and found some nice ideas online.  I just wanted to check in and see what information I should include. 

What did you all have in yours, if you had them?
So far I have:
Details of ceremony
wedding party
The front page is just our names and venue etc

Should I include menu?  Reception details like first dance etc?

Any recommendations?
Thanks again for all the guidance!

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Re: DIY wedding programs...

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    The program should have only details related to the ceremony.  You don't need to include any reception information.

    I used the Microsoft Office templates (I combined one from Word and one from Publisher).  The front had our names,date and cermony location name.
    Inside had the ceremony details, the next page had the wedding party info and then the back had a little paragraph thanking everyone for coming and a mention of those who passed away and couldn't be there.
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    I agree with Bat, only include the information relating to the ceremony.  We got married in a Catholic ceremony, so I had the readings and order of things on one side and on the other was all the important ppl involved, Officiant, parents, and bridal party.  We also had a paragraph thanking our family and friends.  The front had our names, the date, and the name of the church. 
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    I agree with PP.

    I had the names of the bridal party, priest, harpist, etc. listed and then the order of the ceremony including the full text for the readings.  At the end we had a thank you to everyone as well as a memorial to our dads (both deceased) and my nephew (also deceased).
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    i haven't done ours yet and I have to admit, I'm not sure I even WANT to do them.  To me it seems extraneous.  BUT (BUT! BUT! BUT!)

    If I do them they'll only have ceremony information on them. 
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    They should only have ceremony info.

    Ours had:
    1st page: the wedding party, officiant, and organist
    2nd and 3rd pages: the parts of the ceremony (we had a full Catholic mass, so we included Prelude, Liturgy of the Word, Rite of Marriage, Liturgy of the Eucharist, and Closing Rite
    4th page: A thank you
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    Only the ceremony info should go in the ceremony program.

    We (well, actually me) also DIY'd. And many times I wished I 'd ordered! But I really wanted our programs to be something that I did myself.

    It was a four page word document printed that folded in half length-wise. (I used columns, so it took a while. Use the template! or publisher!)

    Plus, I added a cover.

    Anyway, after they were folded with the covers on - it was actually 8 "pages"

    The outer cover was our new last initial and Terri & Joe and our date.

    the inside (page 2) was blank.

    the inside"cover" page 3 had our full names, church name and city and our full date with day.

    page 4 was blank.

    Page 5 was the name list - officiant, my parents, Joe's parents, my grand parents. and then the wedding party - Matron of honor, Maid of honor, Best man, Bridesmaid, Groomsmen, Flower Girl, Vocalist, Organist. (This is the order we used. And there was a lot of discussion over it. But this worked best.)

    Page 6 started the actual ceremony info. We had a full nuptual mass and in the program I listed everything starting with the music that the parents would be seated to. And the bridal party. And myself. I listed who did the readings and who they were inrealtion to us. And I listed the readings in their entirety so peopel could read along. I also inclued the lyrics to our sung responsorial even though it was being performed by our vocalist and the guests wouldn't be reciting anything. Pages 6-10 had our ceremony. This is again after it was folded and read like a booklet. At the bottom of 10 we did a "remembering" section.

    Page 11 was blank.

    Page 12 (The back cover) had a thank you for sharing the day with us note.

    Hope that helps!

    Use a template!

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