Something Spectacular Custom Floral & Event Design

Can anyone tell me about this company?  I am interesting in getting a quote for my silk bouquet


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    Gonna bump this one up...
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    I'm helping my sister plan her May wedding and ran across your post while searching for something she asked me to lookup. Something Spectacular did the flowers for my wedding in 2005, flowers for my friend's wedding a couple years ago, and is doing the flowers for my sister's wedding in May. My friend and I both had great experiences with them and Carrie has so far too. I loved my flowers and couldn't have been happier with them. I still have my bridal bouquet (it is silk but looks real) displayed next to our wedding picture in the living room. 

    From what I remember, Something Spectacular fills fast so you have to hire them early in the planning. I hired them over a year before our wedding date. My cousin wanted them for her August wedding this year but she waited too long and they were already full.  

    Carrie told me one of Kim's (the owner) close family members is very ill now so she's out of town a lot and scaled back the business not taking as many orders until the family member passes. I was very sad to hear that as Kim is such a genuine and friendly person to work with and an amazing floral designer.  If there is any way you can book them for your wedding flowers, I'd highly recommend it. They were my favorite wedding vendor to work with and are definitely worth it.
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