Storybook Wedding Videos or Novak Video

I've looked through the stickies and can't find anyone who has used either of these vendors.  Has anyone heard of either one of them?  Any opinions?  I've tried Paul Briles and s2r but they are booked for my date.  It seems like most of the other videographers are over a grand.

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Re: Storybook Wedding Videos or Novak Video

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    I contacted Novak, and they sent me a demo. To be honest, I was not impressed at all. I did not think it was worth the money, even though they are considerably cheaper. FI and I decided to do our own spin on the Wedit idea. FYI, Wedit is a Detroit company that will rent you 5 Flip camcorders to distribute to guests, and you send them back after your wedding. They then edit the footage for you to make a video.

    We loved the idea but for the price, we realized we can purchase our own Flip cameras and keep them. My brother is really good at editing, so he is going to edit the final video for us. Also, the Flip cameras only hold 2 hours of video...so we are going to upload the footage from the rehearsal dinner/activities the night before the wedding so we get more footage.

    HTH :) Feel free to PM me if you need any further details about Novak or Wedit.
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    I have never heard of either but I can tell you I used Ikonic Images. Jason was absolutely amazing. His prices have gone up since I booked him. I think it is $400 for raw ceremony coverage to $1500 for full day edit. I highly recommend him! I saw just raw video of our day and love it. I'm waiting for the final edit though b/c he said it takes a few months and we married on June 18th. Goodluck finding a videographer! :)
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