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Soooo I know that I got married like 2 months ago.  But, I just got some pro pics back from The Camera Chick and I figured I should share some!!   Overall, the day was awesome.  It thunderstormed, but it happened mostly during our ceremony which just happened to be candlelit.  So it actually work out quite well! Married life is awesome.  Now we're just working on buying my new rings (if you remember, mine were stolen on our HM) to make it legit!  Ok...here come the pics!

Here's the dress and veil! I wish I had the colored version, but I don't have the discs just yet. There are some really pretty blues in this alcove.

We did it!

Ringing the bell at Martha-Mary Chapel in Greenfield village.

I just like this one because it make me look skinny. :)

We took horses and carriages around Greenfield Village for the pictures.  As of the ceremony, these were actually canceled because of the thunderstorms.  But it cleared up!  And all this happened without me even knowing it!  One reason why you should have a point person.

They moved the train out of the barn while we were taking pics! It was awesome.

This is just to give you a little flavor of the reception which was held at Lovett Hall.

The cake!! :)  The bottom layer is funfetti and the cake topper is one that my dad and I made.

Singing is kinda my thang, but Paul has never seen me perform solo live before.  He had also never heard me play the piano.  (I'm shy in front of family and friends).  So I surprised him with a song I arranged. :)

Ok...that's enough.  Thanks for looking!

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