Bachelorette Party Ideas

Hey everyone!  I am planning my friends bachelorette party and need some help for dance/night club ideas.  We have a party bus and are in the metro detroit area so 45 minutes wouldn't be a problem as far as travel time.

Has anyone been to a great bar/club for a bachelorette party or their bachelorette party?  I don't want her last night out to be at some lame club :)

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    They have a club at MGM Casino and one at Motor City casino. Royal Oak is also a great area to go to. Lots of bars.
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    I've been to a couple bachelorette parties at Delux Lounge in Detroit. It's on the edge of Greektown and isn't a typical "club" so it works well for people who have different tastes. They've got great drinks and a good martini menu, a dance floor, and then tables/booths for people who just want to hang out.

    If you're having a limo, I'd suggest hitting a few places, and Delux works well to hang out at for a couple hours and then move on to one of the other clubs in Detroit or to head out to the suburbs like LOTON suggests.
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