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Opinions on Registry

We have been together for 7 years now with a 6 year old and a just turned 1 year old and we are getting married this October.  We have been living together all this time. 

Question is...  I know how important registering for gifts is but dont really feel the need to because other than a new washer and dryer and stove - that I do not expect anybody to buy, I dont think we really need anything.


Re: Opinions on Registry

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    I would put together a small registry of things you want to upgrade.  Some people, me included, do not like giving cash as gifts.  I would pick something out for you, and that is where you risk the 3 toasters.

    Think about things you could use a nicer version of - new pots and pans?  New towels?  Sheets?  That Kitchenaid mixer you have always dreamed of?

    And FWIW, putting together a small registry like that should only take a couple of hours.

  • emarston1emarston1 member
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    I put undecided because I didn't like either answer.  You don't have to register but keep in mind that you should decline any showers that are offered.

    You can always make a small registry of upgraded towels, sheets, kitchen stuff, that is older or worn out.
  • missmelanie81missmelanie81 member
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    I think a small one with some simple upgrades would be fine. Maybe some new pots and pans, silverware. Stuff you have wanted to upgrade but havnt.
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    I agree. Do a small one for upgrades on towels, pots and pans, etc, I had a friend register and art van which was cool! Maybe home depot or lowes does the same thing?
  • klreese0213klreese0213 member
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    i agree with the ladies. do a small registry. but you can also register for gift certificates. so if you add a few times as the ladies mentioned and the g/c's then maybe people will give you g/c's. and maybe try to have your family discretely spread word of mouth that you're in need of washer/dryer so a g/c would be helpful.
    do a homedepot registry. people will likely give g/c there then you can maybe buy you washer/dryer.
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  • bltatabltata member
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    I definitely am in support of upgrades on household items AND maybe registries at large appliance or home supply stores to help pay toward the major appliances you are in need of.  I know most of my family would rather help me buy things I actually needed, even if only a minor contribution toward it, than buy me candle sticks and picture frames.  If you spread the reason by word of mouth I'm sure you could get some help.
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  • larzhopelarzhope member
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    I agree with Liz - you should decline all offers for a shower.  I would recommend registering for upgrade items if you can - that's what we did, and you'd be surprised once you are honest with yourself about what you'd like to upgrade, how stuff keeps popping out of the woodwork that you just *have* to have :)
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    Dan and I met at a summer camp, a summer camp we still work at and have friends that would probably not be caught dead inside BBB buying our dishes or whatnot, so that's why we created our Target registry with "fun" stuff (camping equipment, outdoorsy stuff, etc). While I do not have any expectations of people buying things, it'd still be nice to receive this or that.
  • cla214bluecla214blue member
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    Thanks for all the info ladies - I did end up doing a msall registry of what you guys had suggested.  Upgrade pots and pans and of course I have always wanted that stainless steel mixer...LOL I do not expect people to buy but it just felt good to hold that scan gun in your hand and beam it...LOL  felt like I was buying it. 
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