Madder than a wet hornet!

One of my bridesmaids just called to tell me that her dress doesn't and that she can't get it altered to fit. She called a shop and they said 6-8 weeks out to order one.

Here is the low down. I drove to Grand Rapids from Maryland for my Bridal Shower the first week in August. That is when all my girls got ther dresses (my MOH picked up all the dresses since we all live apart.) The BM in this debacle lives in Toledo. She tried her dress on at the bridal shower and it didn't fit. She called the dress shop which is in Grand Rapids and talked to the owner...she said to come in and she could fix it. My BM "didn't have the time and when back to Toledo saying that she will get it fixed where she lives and loose weight to get it to fit.

Well today she went some where and her seamstress insists that she must have been measured wrong and that there is nothing she can do.

She texted me to tell me to call her because it was really important. Then she dropped the bomb on me when I called. I wanted to get pissed at her and tell her I told you so and that she should have effin' listened to me in August, but that won't help the situation. So I told her to call the dress shop in Grand Rapids and talk to them first. The we will go from there. She said that she just talked to them and they are insisting that she was measured right... She said that she is trying to get out of work tomorrow so she can drive from Toledo to GR and figure it out.



29 days left to go.

The the h. e. double hockey sticks do I do?

Re: Madder than a wet hornet!

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