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So my parents 25th wedding anniversary is next month, and I am planning a party for them!  Yay...more planning.  Anyways...what are some good game to play at an anniversary party?  I've only been to one, and they did a trivia game for the bride and groom about each other.  It was cute!

Also, do you think it is overkill to re-do some old traditions...boquet toss, garter toss, etc.?


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    The only anniversary parties I've attened were formal dinner parties so there weren't any games or bouquet toss stuff.

    Personally, I would think the games could be fun but the bouquet/garter toss would be weird.
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    I went to a 25 anniversary party that was an all out vow renewal second wedding, dress, cake, dj etc but no BP and no garter/bouquet toss stuff. . Just an all out party.  But I guess it kinda depends on how formal it is you know??? That was in the same reception hall where they got married.

    On the other hand, I went to a 50 year anniversary party that was  in a pavilion in a park, great catered BBQ, CD player (before Ipods, heaven forbid, lol) and games for the kids ( bean bag toss, chalk, kickball, soccer stuffs) and bocce for the adults. They had a couple of dances and a few stations where you could see pics throughout the years, and their kids weddings, and other achievements ( he was a town mayor, she was his PR manager)

    I think it is up to you and how your family/friends are about things like that, and also how formal of a party you are having.  I think it is more personal preference than etiquette. ( FYI 25 yr anniversary gifts are silver in case you didn't know. I have a whole list somewhere of anniversaries 1-100 :) )

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