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Hey Detroiters...

Is there anyone on here who has used Rondo String Quartet or has seen them in action? I s anyone planning on using them??

I like a lot of things about them but their resistance to meet with me is kind of suspicious. I really need the reassurance of meeting them and seeing them actually play. Not just hearing them. So if anyone knows they are good and could chime in I'd really appreciate it!

Thanks a lot

Re: Ceremony musicians

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    emily1004emily1004 member
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    I've never seen them but I've heard nothing but great things. I wish I would of hired them. I talked about it 3 post down in "Hello everybody".

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    Meg1024Meg1024 member
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    I'm sorry, I don't get onto the Knot very much, and I just came across your post.  We hired Rondo on the spot after seeing them at a friend's wedding.  Maybe you could ask to sneak into the back of a wedding that they will be playing.  I've heard that is the norm for hiring bands and groups.  We are working with Lisa from Rondo.  She has been great!
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