Donation (fee) to the church

The church we are looking at says that they accept donations as fee for the use of the church. What is the proper amount to give!

Re: Donation (fee) to the church

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    Im in the same boat, my girlfriends church had a fee and it was $600 so I figured since ours is a donation I would maybe give half that. So maybe like $300, you figure thats cheaper than a chapel so its a good deal!
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    We had a required fee of $500. Had it not been stipulated, we likely would've given more like $200 or so. I think it's whatever you're comfortable with. You could ask the church secretary if there's a range couples typically give within, or something like that.
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    Thanks...if you don't mind me asking...what church did you get married at?
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    Also, if you don't mind me picking your brain...we're you a member of the church and/ or what was the process you went through with the church...I have been confronted with a lot of hoops.
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    At our home church there was a fee for the use of the building (~$100 total for ceramony and reception), a fee for the help / wedding stuff we used (again about $100) then we gave a donation to our minister for his time / help which was normally about $200, though we gave hime a little more because we had the money and could do it.  I second the suggestion to talk with the church secretary and ask what a typical amount is. 

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